Martial Arts: On Being  hygienic and Organized

Believe it or not, but being hygienic and organized are two major factors that affect the quality and growth of a martial artist’s life.  Both of them have of course two sub-facets: 1) private and 2) public. I must say that almost every other quality, including physical,  mental and emotional health have a direct correlation […]

Balance Between Hard Training vs. Health and Longevity

Not everyone that gets into Martial arts is interested in bash and smash; nor is everyone interested in just philosophical talks, or even pretentious drills.  There are so many different views, wants, desires and goals when people decide to get involved in some sort of martial arts training.  Some schools ARE geared to going extremely […]

Facts about Domestic Violence and Physical Abuse: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

WHAT IS INTIMATE PARTNER PHYSICAL ABUSE? Physical abuse includes the physical assault, battery, and sexual assault used as part of a systematic pattern of power and control perpetrated by one intimate partner against another. Physical abuse can cause severe injury and even death. It often co-occurs with other forms of abuse, including psychological abuse, economic […]

Speed vs. Timing Correlation

There is a direct correlation between speed and timing in not just martial arts, but any object in movement. These qualities are absolutely essential, and are in fact intertwined with other qualiti… Source: Speed vs. Timing Correlation