Why Attending Seminars is Important?

Seminars are important for seven critical reasons:

1) They are meant to familiarize you with a broad general knowledge of our Art.

2) They are meant to be a litmus test for you, whether you even like to peruse your training—- learning the particular system being taught and their philosophies.

3) They are meant to familiarize you with the kind of environment, and the people you probably would be training with if you decide to commit to a training regiment.

4) They are meant to be a good introductory platform to meet the instructor(s) and become acquainted with their approach, character and personality in a friendly environment.

5) They are meant to answer your questions and concerns. Often, after seminars, enthusiastic participants come to us and would like to discuss their personal questions such as: time constraints, physical limitations, scheduling , group classes, privates and semi-private instructions and so on. Through these brief conversations we delineate and help the participants find their best path and start individualizing their plans and assist them reach their goals as fast as possible.

6) They are meant to be an opportunity for you as a participant to make contacts and network with individuals who are already students at our Training Institute and ask further questions from them to give you more confidence about the teaching dynamics of our art, and obtain further inside information from them. The students who you meet are potential training partners in the future and would be more than happy to help you make a smooth transition into your personal training niche at our Training Center.

7) They are meant to provide you with essential materials that even if you are not able to commit to your future continuous training, it can still equip you with a solid knowledge which will have a positive impact on your life, health, and safety for many years to come.

If you need a free consultation or would like to discuss your training plan, please contact me directly to schedule you or we can just answer your questions right on the phone.


Thank you,



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