Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

Today we had a women’s self-defense seminar. All participants were excited and eager to absorb useful information. The theme was about some of the most common positions that a woman may end up in, if she were taken to the ground—-which we know it has a very high probability.

Some basic, but critical information was covered that I think the participants really appreciated, and that was the topic dealing with: Strength, weight, leverage, killer instinct, and the basic physics of the forces. I try not to crowd a student’s mind with bunch of exotic and complex moves——if anything, I like them to leave with just few things that are practical and deal with the brute, primitive reality—–and even more importantly learn to tune into the beneficial, natural propensity of their bodies and life styles. Therefore, they become systematic in their thinking, and malleable enough to understand the adaptive nature of forces, and a geometry that makes sense for them. Too much fluidity is not good, and too much rigidity is not good either. One needs to be soft, but strong——explosive, but calm——quick, but calculatingly deliberate—-slippery, but sticky…….

In short, I don’t like sending people away with a big bag of techniques——instead, I provide them with few essential and universal principles that directs the students into an internal silence and contemplation about themselves and their surroundings. This approach, in my opinion is not only wiser, but is very effective in transmitting key knowledge.

Today was a good use of our time in working with some very bright and intelligent women.

Thank you,



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