preponderancy of Balance

When standing we tend to call it balance and when clinching or ground fighting we usually call it base. Don’t ask me why! But the two words are sort of interchangeable, depending on your personal inclination—but that doesn’t matter. The point is we usually don’t talk about it much, especially in stand up fighting. But to me it has the same significance whether stand up or on the ground.

All of our attributes, whether we are talking about our timing, power, flow, footwork, pressure, and so on, they all, for the most part are dependent on your balance or base. So is there a way to stand or lay down that gives you concret balance? The answer is absolutely not! We do start off students with a basic stance or so, but I tell them, in few days the only thing left of it, is but a drizzling reminiscent of some shadowy concept in our training Institute. The fact is, in an actual fight encounter, with all the mess involved, your body is going to shift all over the place and it means your center of gravity is going with it! If anyone teaches you to stand a certain way all the time, you may want to rethink that again. There are some seven billion people on the planet and therefore there are many many ways that your balance or base can get rocked and shifted! So my suggestion is, although you may start off with some stance in order to make friends between your newly learned movements and your balance, yet at the end of the day, you will toss out all that and just like riding a bicycle you just need to focus on paddling and the road, the rest must become instinctual!! Wherever your body ends up, your balance and base should still feel like home!

Fighting is a heavily involved art and science, all by itself—-you don’t need to think about your feet in addition to all the other chaos! BUT, during the training you cannot lose touch with where your friend (balance) likes to be! And you need to evaluate why, and whether it provides you with the best mobility in both defense and offense simultaneously. I repeat……. simultaneously!

In addition, balance is defined within the parameters of the delivery structure of different systems and how can anyone be in a sort of balance structure of let’s say, Silat, while being propelled in a split second to resort to the delivery system of western boxing or Muay Thai. Or being in the Muay Thai structural balance-stance, while at the same time being forced into western wrestling modality! I am not saying you can’t switch quickly, but “quickly” is a relative term and it is still a split second time that can quickly get you knocked out. You will always be in a sort of time lag or time delay situation if that’s your approach; even though most standard orthodox trainers are too short-sighted to see the holes in your game and are thinking you are doing a fantastic job.

So what is the solution? The solution is creation of 3 unknown elements (may discuss them under some other theme one day). But too many fighters are just training without considering the issue of balance and base during both the offense and defense………..And no I am not talking about standing on one leg on some bouncy ball!

I just wanted to at least bring up the importance of the topic on this blog so more martial arts practitioners, fighters, and coaches, think about this from maybe some new angles! There is always room for improvements for all of us.

Good luck on your training,

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Your humble brother

Shahram Moosavi


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