What makes you enjoy being an instructor?

A student of mine this morning sent me a message and asked me a good question and I answered him. Here is what he asked:

My student: Sifu what do you enjoy most about being an instructor/teacher? There are these few sentences by Bruce Lee that go “I feel best when I am showing my skill. Why? Because baby I have worked my ass off to be able to do just that. And that means dedication, constant hard work, constant learning and discovering, and lots of sacrifices.” Do you feel that this quote is relevant in how you pass that knowledge onto us? Displaying your years of work and learning and transferring this light onto your students and how we progress in turn becomes a sort of reflection of yourself at times?

Me: Good question bro.

I myself enjoy being an instructor because I have seen total transformation in my students. A transformation that involves both their inner personal domain as well as their relationship within a wider society. It’s not about showing off my own abilities,

but showing my students their own inner gems, their innate and acquired skills.

This is what makes me enjoy teaching—–Unlocking people’s inner potential.

So nothing about my own teaching or anything even remotely about my own personal skills enter my mind as a teacher, although my students get a chance to see them as I am teaching.

I like to stay totally out of the equation. When I teach there is a sense of psychological merging with my student’s abilities and or inabilities, their efficiencies and inefficiencies, their courage and their fears, their uncontrollable anger, and their untimely kindness, their insecurities and their animal pride, their excessive physical rigidity and their careless laxity, their linearness and their circularity….

Therefore, during the teaching lessons, there is no such a thing as ME AND my student! My student is all that matters—— nothing else! I enjoy my own absence.


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