What is the Role of Energy Drills?

Some have asked me about energy drills such as Chi Sao, Lap Sao, Hubad and etc. they like to know where they fit in and what is their purpose in my opinion.

Some JKD practitioners used to do the-above drills, but have completely abandoned them because they say there is no reason to waste time on them since they don’t directly contribute to the field of fighting.

There are also other JKD practitioners who have done those drills for few decades, but have not evolved them. They are still repeating the same old drills with the same features and characteristics as they were taught to them long ago.

However the energy drills are never meant to look like fighting, or even directly helping you with your fighting, but they were meant to create a sort of conduit or a platform for an attribute we call [flow]. This attribute is meant to develop a sense of continuity in both sense-perception as well as the ability for a type of [tactile hyperactivity] or pressure- detection in motion while maintaining contact.

Those drills also create an opportunity in isolating and observing carefully the subtleties of close-quarter fighting with more reps per frame of time, than if you were to get better in those subtleties in full contact training—–even though full contact has its place, and should be performed. The drills also teach you to learn being comfortable in trapping range and facilitate your training in non-grip immobilization attacks. There are many other benefits in drilling the above-mentioned exercises. But for now let this be an introductory food for thought until next time.

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