For years I have been contacted and asked whether I teach Rapid Assault Tactics (R.A.T). Originally the RAT system and principles were taught by Sifu Paul Vunak and Sifu Thomas Cruse and I believe it’s very effective. Most of the people inquiring about RAT are sincere and are not interested in playing around. They want the fight finished as soon as possible, with the most ballistic, naturally occurring weapons on the body (ex: headbutts, knees…etc).

However, what I don’t feel comfortable with is the queriers‘ mindset, thinking that by spending a short amount of time, learning few techniques, they are prepared to clash and finish a fight quickly and rapidly. I fully agree that RAT is very simple and effective, and one can quickly [learn] it. But to effectively [implement] it, you must develop a comprehensive series of attributes such as timing, distance control, footwork, body mechanics, and some 15 other qualities. These attributes and qualities, like everything else take time to develop and are not acquired like fast food items. More over, it’s not enough to just develop them, but they must become instinctual and part of your every day core-thought-process.

Also, it takes time to rid the kinks out of the RAT, by constantly sparring with different individuals. Once it becomes instinctual and ballistic, then it would be very rewarding! It would be yours forever, as long as you keep a steady maintenance of your attributes and keep up a healthy, adaptive lifestyle. But remember, the word “Rapid” does not mean you can cheat the time it requires for the development of your martial arts skills and attribute development!

One more thing I like to add is that Rapid Assault Tactics is like owning a gun, you can’t just pull it out and point it at just anybody that pisses you off. There are legal consequences if you pull a gun out and shoot somebody in the face, just because he or she flipped you off in public. Similarly, slamming a crushing headbutt into someone’s face and completely rearranging their cranial integrity, all because he said something to you that you didn’t like would be a hard fight in the courtroom! Nevertheless, there are occasions that you would be fully justified to do some major damage if you have to.

Of course the more you train, the more aware you become to the level of the threats you will be facing; and you can act according to your [judgment], [instinct], and [experience]. All of these three components take time to develop. So you must enjoy the journey from a long term perspective as suppose to those who are just seeking a quick fix! As effective as the RAT is, yet such a quick fix does not exist even in [learning] and [implementing] the RAT which are two separate, but interconnected processes.

Thank you.





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