There was a time when all that mattered was training hard. That, is still important and always will be; but its facets have become vastly more sophisticated.  When we speak of the full makeup of a balanced student, we are talking about 4 aspects of an individual: 1) physical, 2) emotional, 3) intellectual, and 4) spiritual (virtues).

Since no human being is perfect, we can only strive towards perfection. Instructors, in my opinion should be cognizant of the fact that a student (that’s all of us collectively) enrolling in your program, will most certainly be carrying his or her own hangups, and baggages from life and will consciously or unconsciously bring those with them to the gym. As long as it is not way out of the norms, we should expect it and be patient with it as we slowly make them aware of it, and by our own example, help them with the change. This is often a gradual process, but in some cases it can be sudden and direct. My job as a coach or trainer is to be as much aware of the 4 aspects of an individual mentioned above as possible, and make sure, not just fill a student with bunch of information and send them home.

As we mentioned, the full makeup or constitution of a student consists of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual (virtues)——– 3/4 of which are non-physical. To what benefit it is, if I train a student and he or she becomes superb in physical attributes and technical abilities, and even wins bunch of world championships,  but in fact, they are also pure assholes, have a low intellectual capacity, weak emotional maturity, or happen to have deficiencies in spiritual qualities or virtues such as empathy, love, compassion, altruism and so on.

In another circumstance, a student may be emotionally mature (For example: He knows when to turn on the killer instinct) and has all the intellectual and spiritual virtues developed in them, but physically he or she is not well-developed in their fighting qualities and technical skills——-that, is not acceptable either!

A balanced student is the one that has developed all four areas, and therefore, they are not only a benefit to themselves and their own lives, but also to anyone whom they come across with. Such a student, in my estimation has a good balance and therefore, priceless! A coach’s job is not easy, because he or she has to not only be aware of a balanced constitution in students, but at the same time, they have to take a daily look at themselves to make sure they themselves haven’t lost a wheel. A coach is not just a physical trainer; they are also a comrade to their [sincere] students’ aspirations, hopes, sorrows, victories, fears, and … .

Thank you.





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