My Training, Teaching Approach, and Philosophy

New people often contact me and they ask me if I teach a particular art (For example: Wing Chun as related to JKD or Kali or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and so on) because that’s the only art they like to learn.

I say, sure! We teach that, but I suggest you to come and try out the classes for a week and let’s delve into the whole business of self defense, health and skills-development. When they come for their first session, generally I focus on the art they are interested in, but slowly introduce the necessity of integration and the concept of forced differential choice (FDC). That means the totality of survival in a life-threatening situation is a dynamic equation, and most often it forces us to make a drastically different choice than what we had originally thought or felt comfortable with. Those who can adapt would increase their survival of course, but those who have a linear mind, would first try to mold the environment in their favor, and if that does not work, they simply cannot last long and eventually have to give in to the forces of physics, and discrete mathematical probabilities.

Eventually after the first night of training the new student would leave our training environment in a deep thought, as though he or she has stumbled over something new and interesting that seems to gravitate them to it. Maybe they have crossed path with the choice-less choice, and if they are honest with themselves, they would return with more curiosity and enthusiasm. It’s sort of like falling in love with the art and and the application of its philosophy. By the end of the week they have, to some limited degree, understood the concept of integration and synergy. They would think more “wholistic” and less compartmentalized. At this point, they are more adequately oriented in their perception and have taken on healthy roots in the fabric of their thinking domain, and are ready to take the first small steps in the long and vast journey of physical and mental training. At this point the first spark of transformation has occurred, but an instructor must wisely and carefully provide a continuous healthy environment for its growth, OR it won’t survive.

For more information on how to get started on your training, contact me directly by calling OR texting me at 480-489-7202




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