Intuitively-based vs. Knowledge-based Martial Artists

There are two major types of martial artists: 1) Those who are initiated by intuition/natural propensities, and 2) Those who are driven by acquired Knowledge. what is the difference? The intuitively-based individuals rely more on instinct, natural physical abilities, and try to listen to their inner voices as dictated by pure attributes and instinctual virtues. But the knowledge-based martial artists rely more on the acquired knowledge, memory bank, and tend to be analytical according to the text book they have been taught. These individuals can demonstrate a variety of different moves—-some of which can be amazing, deep, and even complex. They can explain the detailed history of their techniques in a profound manner. In one workshop or a seminar they can show so many different techniques from so many sources in a detailed fashion, and often the participants forget all the stuff that were shown to them in the seminars or workshop due the sheer number of things they have been exposed to.

The intuitive person can also demonstrate many things, but their abilities come from [understanding] the art, and not necessarily from knowing the art. Understanding and knowing are both very different, yet they play as complimentary fields of human endeavor . Intuitive individuals observe patterns and behaviors, and through that, wisdom dictates what they should or should not do. But the other group is very much is very syllabus- dependent. This is why a lot of those who have done Wing Chun for decades, tend to be convinced that Sifu Bruce Lee did not know Wing Chun fully because he had never completed the Wing Chun syllabus. They say this because they come from a mentality that is based on knowledge rather than intuition and understanding. While there is nothing wrong with completing the Wing Chun syllabus, yet there are those that have understood the essential principles of Wing Chun and they are in fact able to overwhelm some of the best Wing Chun practitioners. It’s the same with Jiujitsu or any other art for that matter. But to be a complete teacher/coach, one has to have both of these fields understood, developed, and applied.

A good teacher awakens both of these complimentary aspects in his or her students. More importantly the bridge that tactfully connects these two necessary elements is wisdom——–wisdom is based on, accurately determining the when, the why, the what, the where, and the who questions, which must be developed and polished through [both] natural abilities/intuition, as well as acquired knowledge. The more we train and teach, the more polished our instinct and wisdom becomes. Every martial arts class we hold during our Phoenix JKD training is aimed at developing and awakening both of these domains in our students—-even though the students may be totally unaware of it.

During our private training with students, we approach each person individually of course, and there are concrete methods that our instructors utilize in order to diagnose both the deficiencies and strengths in students—–not just with things related to physical movement in martial arts, but also why a student’s mind and heart tend to act or lean a certain way. Through this approach we can find out how best to interject knowledge, and how best a student’s intuitive nature can be awakened. Educational development, up to date and most modern grass root level training methodologies, and a sense of spiritual awareness of the virtues that embody human wisdom among our trainers/coaches are the only means of achieving this.

If you need a free consultation on how to get started, it is very simple……….just text or call us at 480-489-7202.



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