Fundamental Wisdom in Training-Choices and Life Styles

Unnecessary Injuries and some wrong life styles have been two sources of long term life quality deterioration in martial arts. Both the Joints and the nervous system should be well-protected at all times. The brain and the spine should be safe-guarded during the training as well as when you are off training——-anything that can improve their longevity should be employed. Do your stick sparring with lighter sticks (3/4 of inch)! The amount of wear and tear on your fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulders will be a much bigger accumulated issue, and will come back to hunt you when you get older—– that is IF you keep sparring with heavy sticks for many years——worse yet if you go with minimum protective gear.

With Jujitsu, same thing goes with hard-core focus on grabbing the Gi  and hanging on to it like your dear life—–you will build some really bad arthritis later on if you maintain that mentality. I go without Gi most often and even when I do go with the Gi, I have devised a way for myself to decrease Kimono-grips, and as a result, I have to employ more hip mobility, and the use of weight, force, and gravity which are much better, health-wise and fight-wise anyway.

Also, try to drink a glass of water before you eat your meals and keep your body slightly alkaline by eating foods that does exactly that. push yourself beyond your current stamina and know that your own body weight is the best weight to use for strength development. Next best thing is the use of ropes, cables and rubber bands, and lastly the actual steel displacement—–moving a mass from point A to point B in a natural fight movements—–not like a bodybuilder or power-lifer.

In life style, keep things balanced and in moderation. It is good to stay well- informed of all branches science, history, religion, and philosophy. It is also good to be involved in some kind of an intellectual stimulation everyday. For example I enjoy calculus, and have to at least think and solve a challenge for myself in that field—–some may like chess and so on. These hobbies stimulate the brain and keep the comprehension, memory and sometimes abstract thought in check. Stay away from drinking as much as possible and get proper rest when you can. Stay away from those with idle talk, and find more friends who can either teach you something good, or are open minded enough to learn something from you. Don’t waste your time and life on useless activities and individuals who have no intention of being a positive force. Have a good sense of humor and don’t dwell too much on other people’s attitudes and personalities. Always finish tasks to the end and don’t think too much about things that are out of your control. Have trust and faith that the right solution will come to you but do not sit idle and beg!

I think if you do at least 5% of what is being suggested above, you would feel and notice some improvements and as a result, you will lead a healthier and happier life. That’s the whole purpose of training.  Healthy transformation!

Good luck!


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