The Role of Strength Training

There are different ratiocinations for strength training. Some do it for appearance, others do it for injury prevention; some are trying to increase muscle mass and so on. But what is our main objective on this topic at Phoenix JKD? Strength training is not about moving an inanimate objects in vertical and horizontal planes. The […]

Five Types of Martial Artists

There are basically 5 types of martial artists: 1. Fighters: These are people who are interested in the raw data and have become attuned to few simple but very effective series of tools and strategies. They may or may not be articulate, but it doesn’t matter to them, because the final result of a fight […]

The True Art of Interception

The origin of the word “interception” goes back to sometime between 1535–45 A.D, and comes from Latin interceptus which is the past  participle of intercipere——meaning, to prevent, to interrupt, to seize, to halt….. We have the fight application of the word interception, and we have the general life application of it. If we refer to the word [fight] […]