Jiujitsu is one of the most organized martial arts system in the world! Its influence, its agenda, its vision, its contributions, its philosophy, its principles, its approach, its ethics, its gentleness, its lethalness, its control, its freedom, its restrictions, its roots, its history, its science, its emphasis, its reality, its pressure, its respect, its resistance, its fluidity, its strength, its individuality, its personality, its collective source, its engagement, its confidence, its mentality, its adaptability, its rigidness, its prestige, its humbleness, its laws, its structure, its control, its cleanliness, its order, its attributes, its delivery system, its technical executions, its leverage, its power, its determination, its will, its continuity, its encouragement, its self-esteem, its evolution, its respect, its unity, its team work, its family values, its health, its abstinence, its focus, its heart, its stamina, its endurance, its curriculums, its simplicity, its complexity, its character, its naturalness, its synthesis, its perseverance, its connectivity, its lack of BS, its common sense, its logic, its continuous bravery, its challenge, its victories, its transformation, its platform, its athleticism, its spirit, its journey, its honesty, ———and hundreds of other characteristics it has——–all in all——–is what makes Jiu-Jitsu have such a strong presence!





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