Different life-styles are like different types of boats. It is true that they all float and they all are capable of moving on water, but NOT all of them are going to get you to your long term destination goal! Some life styles, like small little engine boats—–although fun for few hours on a lake—-yet they won’t be able to get you across the Pacific Ocean.

In general, it is safe to assume that life in itself is a long term endeavor. Therefore, you need a life boat (life-style) that does two things for you: 1) It runs and lasts for many many years, and 2) Withstands huge ocean disturbances (life difficulties). Therefore, it would be to your own advantage to get on a strong [ship] (good, healthy life style) that can withstand long term storms and turmoils which fate may bring your way.

So, a life-style that can provide you with only a short-lived results, and is built for a quick few days of fun, would not be advisable for your life long journey.

Therefore, you should, as a martial artist, approach and obtain a life-style that is healthy, efficient, powerful, practical, self-sustaining——-and is designed for long term quality life; and can go long distances with the least amount of disturbances possible.

Life-styles——–which in long terms would impede you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, should be tossed out without hesitation———-If you keep on the wrong path, it would cost you everything in life, just like a little boat that is stuck in the middle of the Pacify Ocean, waiting to be swallowed up by sheer force and magnitude of the vast, powerful waters. With it, regret, frustration, and remorse would encompass your entire being and you will not be able to regain the time you have lost. It’s gone forever!

Life-style, directly affects your physical health, mental clarity, emotional strength, and spiritual connectivity——- with every phenomenon in life. Years ago I knew a fellow——each time he got his paycheck, he would go out and blow away all his money with gambling and fighting in bars. Another friend I knew, he lost his life due to drinking too excessively and driving. That was part of his life style. I also knew another guy years ago who loved training and it was part of his life style; he also loved traveling and adventure. So he joined Navy and eventually he became a lieutenant of the seal team. So his life-style ultimately determined his great future.

Long story short, your life-style would determine, not just your happiness and contentment in life, but also how efficient you are living that life. If there are issues and you like to change your life——most likely, it is something of your life-style that must change first, before you see a difference in the quality of your living. You have got to get out of your fun little fast boat, and board the strong ship of life. That’s the wise thing to do.

Thank you.




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