A recurrent alteration of different beats, is what we call rhythm. So why would this be important in fighting and even in life in general?

Rhythm is an important [indicator] of the mind/brain circuitry in the backdrop of the magnitude and duration of expansion and contraction of movement and non-movement. Rhythm, of course would be fruitless unless its accent is marked, observed, and captured both precisely and accurately.

Rhythm is the voice and the road map of the mind——–expressed through at least two beats or two similar or vastly different shots. Rhythm is as eyes to the timing, without which it would be blind. It is the determinant and the commander of timing, which in turn guides footwork indirectly.

Without an ever changing rhythm, movement would become too predictable and dull. It would lose its illusiveness, practicality, effectiveness, wisdom, and integrity.

Try different rhythms when you are training——- especially during live sparring sessions or when working with training equipments like heavy bags, Wing Chun Dummies, and so on. A lot of times, if your timing is off, it’s because your rhythm and accent are off.





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