I was asked tonight by one of my diehard students on the topic of efficiency. He said:

“why am I not feeling more efficiency in certain positions?…….I feel like the struggle is the same and has not gotten any easier!”

The answers to this question may be numerous. But there is a way to narrow this down by extrapolation and by the process of test and elimination.

There are several [domains] in which problems and answers fall under, in martial arts, no matter what you are investigating:

1) Energy (pressure) problem

2) Structural (shape) problem

3) Attribute (trait) problem

4) Strategic (play-map) problem

5) Synergy (connectivity) count problem

6) Psychosomatic (non-material) problem

All your martial arts problems and answers are within these six domains! I assure you, there is no 7th one!

Your task is to test and eliminate each of the above domains and see if your efficiency is changed by any marked measure of performance.

Stop by and get some hands-on training.

Good luck.




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