For decades I have seen so many people, confusing showmanship with fighting; speed with fighting; strength with fighting; rapid sequence of movements with fighting; breaking boards and concret blocks with fighting; hard-hitting on a heavy bag with fighting; and etc.

Even though attributes are absolutely necessary for fighters and martial artists, yet none of the attributes by themselves can hardly qualify a person as being able to fight.

For example, an individual challenges a group of people, saying he can kick an apple sitting on top of any man’s head before one could step back to avoid the apple being kicked. To do that, he tells the person to go ahead and put the apple on top of his head and stand still behind a drawn out line, and the second he sees the kick, he is to snap back and not allow the apple being kicked. Suppose he can do it against anyone on the planet and no one can save the apple. What does this mean? Does that prove he can beat a world class Muay Thai fighter? Is that a proof that can beat top Savate fighters? Does that even qualify him as a full on martial artist based on his speedy kick? The answer is NO!!

Let me put it another way———would you trust a person to perform a brain surgery on you just for being [renowned] as a person who can move with his drill-the-cranium speed? Or how about his super human hand dexterity to saw your skull? Would these, qualify him or her as a brain surgeon? I don’t think anyone, just because of this man’s speed and dexterity, or what ever superhuman attributes he or she has, would allow this individual anywhere near his skull!

How about one of your friends who calls you and says there is this guy in town and you should go and check out how fast and coordinated and well-balanced he moves with different kinds of wrenches, and screw drivers. Then your friend suggests that this guy should be able to replace your engine on your Lamborghini. Would you take your car to him JUST because he is extremely fast, coordinated and balanced with different wrenches and screw drivers? Would those awesome attributes he has, qualify him as a Lamborghini mechanic?

Therefore, by the same token, one does not become a fighter or a martial artist, JUST by demonstrating his or her speed, coordination, power, and so on [under controlled conditions]! The reason is——-his or her demo lacks the most important part in what we call fighting, which is the element of uncertainty, pressure, and chaos in rhythm, timing, distance control, pain tolerance, as well as, moment to moment intent and determination.

So, always stay educated and equipped in deciphering what is real, and what is just a mesmerizing show for those weak-minded enthusiasts who apparently have misplaced the reality with a mirage! It would save your life one day!

Develop and maintain being sharp-sighted!



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