Information Overload and Martial Arts Segmentation

Nowadays, unlike the 80’s and 90’s, the amount of information exposure martial artists get is beyond what the mind can digest! The rapid sway of information and its perpetual influence is almost making the minds lack focus and is driving martial artists into a segmentation mindset! The human ingenuity cannot process too much information at the same time, so it is automatically switching gears into isolating or segmenting various martial arts components into their origin systems (ex: Bjj, Muay Thai, Boxing ….etc); even though nowadays, both MMA guys and JKD practitioners in particular are fully aware that to be best prepared, they must do all four ranges and should be proficient in at least several systems that have proved effective over and over again—————-It is not that they are lacking skills in Boxing or Muay Thai or Bjj! They are excellent at it all, but their transitions are segmented (stratified) just as the way they train!!! This weakens the connectivity between two arts and or even two moves!

Ultimately, during our sparring sessions and or the fighting events, we should perform in such a way that our entire fighting would look like one single evolutionary system, synthesized from one single adaptive substance, and NOT some stitched up piece of work!





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