The Influence and Critical Points of Jiujitsu and Training in General

Jiujitsu training has had many different affects on people, their families and even communities. The life skills gained through jiujitsu, such as teamwork, perseverance, focus, cleanliness, problem solving ability, respect, physical stamina, strength, patience, courage, and so many other elements are just few examples of those life skills, gained, as you participate in live jiujitsu practice several times a week!

But keep in mind that training jiujitsu, like any other serious endeavor, you must be consistent and determined long enough to hit certain potentials within you. It’s like sitting in an airplane——it won’t go anywhere until it reaches a certain appropriate speed in which certain conditions are met, and then you start seeing the plane get off the ground. Your progress and advancement in training would have similar counterparts as in any other physical laws.

When you reach a certain level of proficiency and skill, that’s where a certain measure of understanding and epiphany occurs. If you don’t keep up, your acceleration diminishes, and you would not be harder to create the necessary quantum to sling you into the new phase of your development.

This why jiujitsu has been a powerful tool, both in influence and development! And I am not saying this is the only possible way, because Kali, as jiujitsu’s next kin——–within its evolutionary history, anthropological relationships, conceptual and anthropomorphic similarities, and even in principle-phylogenetic, it had also tapped into similar potentials, despite the fact that their physical manifestations appear on different branches of the same evolutionary tree!

In short, make sure you maintain your training until it meets the required conditions for your learning take off. In the mean time Jiujitsu and training in general, would have great positive influences in your life and communities. You must maintain your discipline and passion through meaningful life-purposes and goals, and not with shallow, and short-sighted endeavors!

Hope to see you in class and in person!




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