A Quick Look into the Concept of Stance

I often hear new students ask me what is the best stance in fighting. I patiently teach such students a 1964-1973 basic concept on the topic of stance, but I mention to them that this concept is evolutionary in scope, and in the final analysis, I don’t teach such a thing as “the best stance”, especially in a self-defense situation.

Stance, to a Muay Thai practitioner has a different thought and strategy-derivative, as supposed to a judo practitioner, a Savate fighter or even a wrestler. All of them are correct in their own special fields, but at the same time, they may be at a disadvantage, if encountered outside of their respective fields. This is why it’s important to adapt to various types of structures and weight ,distributions. If you are trying to deliver a thigh kick from Muay Thai, you would be more apt in telegraphing [if] your stance and weight distribution is like a western wrestler, or vice vera.

Therefore, if you are a multidisciplinary fighter and your arena involves all four ranges, or if you are training for street self-defense, it may be best to get yourself comfortable being anywhere at anytime, because chances are, you will end up in all sort of places and circumstances and it’s important for you to be natural and not boxed in in a particular posture.

To ask what is the best stance in fighting is like asking what is the best stance in basketball. Even though there may be some undercurrent concepts to be followed, yet the main purpose of stance is to maximize balance, and protection in both attack and defense. Both are generally in constant change, therefore, your stance in keeping the balance would also have to change with it——that is, if you want to preserve efficiency and directness of motion, as well as energy conservation!

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