An advantageous idea of placing your strong hand as your lead has been drastically evolved since 1973, post Sifu Lee’s untimely passing from this earthly life. In our curriculum, in the Arizona state, both leads are equally emphasized and a student gets to slowly feel comfortable and at home, regardless of whether they play a […]

Fight Axiom: Attribute Development vs. Technique Accumulation

One of the biggest misconceptions in martial arts is that many are under the assumption that for them, learning new techniques is what is going to set them apart from those who have not learned them. Like anything else, the essence of martial arts is about unfettered insight into movement itself—–and in turn, the axiom […]

Phoenix JKD: Unrealistic Use of Force

How often we have come across those whom when we ask whether they have taken martial arts classes, and they, without hesitation, tell you, “no!” But that ‘they carry a gun or a knife instead.’ Those who give such answers, have deluded themselves entirely. It may be wise to remind them, that unless they have […]