Training Partners: Expected Mental And Emotional Maturity

There are three phases that majority of students go through to reach an optimal and expected state of what I call mental and emotional maturity. These three phases are: 1) Ego-centric phase, 2) Team/Tribal phase, and 3) Hyper-spatial phase——an individual with “a very broad and unusual scope of sensitivity and hyper-awareness” to everything that goes […]

PHOENIX JKD: Three Levels of Interception

1. Technique-interception (ex: intercepting a heavy sucker punch) 2. Encroachment-interception (ex: intercepting a person walking up to you in order to knock you out) 3. Intent-interception (ex: intercepting a person while he is [thinking] about knocking you out just a second or two prior to their actual attack Since [intent] is the root of all […]

Phoenix JKD: What is Control?

Control is the measure and quality of applying different degrees of an ever-evolving force in a given situation and at a given time. When we apply too little or too much force, we say there is lack of control. Absence of control results in poor techniques. Control or the lack thereof, does not begin in […]

Fundamental Principle in Self-Defense Ranges

To us at Phoenix JKD, self-Defense in its totality consists of several objective (kicking, punching, clinching, and ground-fighting), yet relative ranges. Objective, because they are observed consistently and physically; and relative, because they have an overlapping nature and should not be looked at as merely several distances [stitched] together haphazardly. We used to think of […]

Intellectual gangrene: A Counterpart to Physical One:

Physically, gangrene refers to the death of body tissue due to either a lack of blood flow or a serious bacterial infection. Gangrene commonly affects the extremities, including your toes, fingers and limbs, but it can also occur in your muscles and internal organs. Your chances of developing gangrene are higher if you have an […]

Meditation: Its Acquisition and Purpose

The word meditation is derived from Old French (meditacioun) and in turn from a Latin Verb (meditari), meaning to ponder, to think, and to reflect or contemplate. There are so many different kinds and methods of meditations. Here is short list of them: Transcendental meditation, Zen meditation, Mantra mediation, Taoist meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Guided meditation, […]

Phoenix JKD: Proper Mental Attitude

Proper mental attitude has three parts to it: 1) confidence , 2) composure, and 3) killer (survival) instinct which more appropriately, it should be called “justice instinct”. A martial artist from the very first day to the end of his or her life should seek the balance between the three! This balance is relative in […]