Phoenix JKD: Prerequisites to Training and Development

Students should be exposed to variety of possibilities, and thus being prepared for the likely events first. The virtue of honesty would put us on the most urgent and needed path first; then follows the virtues of trustworthiness and confidence which are essential derivatives—-born directly from honesty itself. As you train rigorously and systematically, your […]

Relative distance Correlation and Instinct

Distance kept in a fight is a relative phenomenon. In fact, how far we stand from others under any circumstance (boxing, stick-fighting, Muay Thai, etc), is a relative concept. Generally speaking, those who we are friends with, we [naturally] stand closer to than those we don’t know. Animals experience similar instincts, emotions, and behavioral patterns […]

Fight Proficiency with Weapons

Many different systems of martial arts teach weapons, but rarely they teach [proficiency] or a set of practical skills that one can honestly acknowledge as relative to the present day world. The reason being that most of their rational and logical arguments are based on solutions that were meant to deal with problems of a […]

Anxiety, Faith, and Liberation

Much of what we have anxiety about can fade into nothingness by first immersing ourselves in physical activities of martial arts. I mention martial arts, and not basketball, or baseball, because it deals with solving real life-threatening situations. If you are able to deal with that, then you more likely can deal with other difficulties […]