Flow: A Reflection of Transition and Continuity

Each range (Kicking, Punching, Clinching, Ground-fighting) in a self-defense situation may flow within its own limitations, techniques and strategies; and therefore we can assign a sense of continuity within each range. However, when we consider higher levels of the quality of Flow, it becomes apparent that it is best observed when a fighter can actually […]

Range Control: What Does it Indicate?

The ability to control one’s range (distance control) indicates one’s subjective measure of the knowledge of footwork———–in turn, footwork provides us with the extent of one’s experience and wisdom in predicting the vector of (a) moving object(s). Repeated drills can initially help us with the basics of this, but at some point, drills must shift […]

My Strength Training

Strength is both a physical attribute and a mental state. Physically, it simply means the capacity to move something from some position to another. That’s one of the meanings of strength. The other, is the ability to not move at all, despite the force being exerted on you. One is external, the other internal. The […]

Martial Arts: Purpose|Motive|Cause

Martial arts must have a fundamental philosophy which is continuously defined by 3 essential elements: purpose, motive and cause. Martial art is not an isolated phenomenon, divorced from any other endeavor in life. It’s not a rare occurrence in life or a field devoid of the same internal principles from let’s say: engineering, science research, […]

The Influence and Critical Points of Jiujitsu and Training in General

Jiujitsu training has had many different affects on people, their families and even communities. The life skills gained through jiujitsu, such as teamwork, perseverance, focus, cleanliness, problem solving ability, respect, physical stamina, strength, patience, courage, and so many other elements are just few examples of those life skills, gained, as you participate in live jiujitsu […]

Information Overload and Martial Arts Segmentation

Nowadays, unlike the 80’s and 90’s, the amount of information exposure martial artists get is beyond what the mind can digest! The rapid sway of information and its perpetual influence is almost making the minds lack focus and is driving martial artists into a segmentation mindset! The human ingenuity cannot process too much information at […]


For decades I have seen so many people, confusing showmanship with fighting; speed with fighting; strength with fighting; rapid sequence of movements with fighting; breaking boards and concret blocks with fighting; hard-hitting on a heavy bag with fighting; and etc. Even though attributes are absolutely necessary for fighters and martial artists, yet none of the […]