Fundamental Wisdom in Training-Choices and Life Styles

Unnecessary Injuries and some wrong life styles have been two sources of long term life quality deterioration in martial arts. Both the Joints and the nervous system should be well-protected at all times. The brain and the spine should be safe-guarded during the training as well as when you are off training——-anything that can improve […]

Erroneous Training Perception

During the training, I have noticed, not just with those who may be beginners in martial arts, but even with those who have been training for a long time in various systems of martial arts (especially impact sports like Muay Thai, boxing, and so on) , that when I start them with a particular training […]

Intuitively-based vs. Knowledge-based Martial Artists

There are two major types of martial artists: 1) Those who are initiated by intuition/natural propensities, and 2) Those who are driven by acquired Knowledge. what is the difference? The intuitively-based individuals rely more on instinct, natural physical abilities, and try to listen to their inner voices as dictated by pure attributes and instinctual virtues. […]

Phoenix JKD Perspective on Sports BJJ vs. Street BJJ

In recent times, there have been some disputes on the topic of sports BJJ vs. street BJJ. But first, why even consider a JKD perspective on this topic anyway!? Well…. for one, JKD guys are close associates of Bjj practitioners and consider Bjj as one of the most important elements of their art. Most JKD guys also have […]

My Training, Teaching Approach, and Philosophy

New people often contact me and they ask me if I teach a particular art (For example: Wing Chun as related to JKD or Kali or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and so on) because that’s the only art they like to learn. I say, sure! We teach that, but I suggest you to come and try out […]


There was a time when all that mattered was training hard. That, is still important and always will be; but its facets have become vastly more sophisticated.  When we speak of the full makeup of a balanced student, we are talking about 4 aspects of an individual: 1) physical, 2) emotional, 3) intellectual, and 4) […]