A Look into the Concept of [Stance]

I often hear new students ask me what is the best stance in fighting. I, first teach such students a-1964-1973 basic concept of stance, but I mention to them that this concept is evolutionary in scope, and in the final analysis, they need to toss out the phrase “best stance”, especially in the light of self-defense […]

What makes you enjoy being an instructor?

A student of mine this morning sent me a message and asked me a good question and I answered him. Here is what he asked: My student: Sifu what do you enjoy most about being an instructor/teacher? There are these few sentences by Bruce Lee that go “I feel best when I am showing my […]

The Terminal List by Jack Carr! Twenty years of solid service as a frontline seal, Jack Carr is now retired and has written his first novel thriller!

Every feeling and emotion that Carr has had during his real combat seal is unraveled within the pages of this novel fiction! It’s a must read! https://officialjackcarr.com http://www.simonandschuster.com/books/The-Terminal-List/Jack-Carr/9781501180811 https://www.google.com/amp/s/poisonedpen.com/2018/03/04/jack-carr-navy-seal-turned-writer/amp/

preponderancy of Balance

When standing we tend to call it balance and when clinching or ground fighting we usually call it base. Don’t ask me why! But the two words are sort of interchangeable, depending on your personal inclination—but that doesn’t matter. The point is we usually don’t talk about it much, especially in stand up fighting. But […]

Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

Today we had a women’s self-defense seminar. All participants were excited and eager to absorb useful information. The theme was about some of the most common positions that a woman may end up in, if she were taken to the ground—-which we know it has a very high probability. Some basic, but critical information was […]

Women: How They Should Approach Self-Defense Programs

Women in recent decades have become more and more involved with martial arts, which is a great news—not just for self-defense purposes, but also for stress reduction, health, and longevity. Also, the advancement in athletic sciences, converging with progressive martial arts systems have made it clear that neither martial arts by itself, nor athletic training […]

Why Attending Seminars is Important?

Seminars are important for seven critical reasons: 1) They are meant to familiarize you with a broad general knowledge of our Art. 2) They are meant to be a litmus test for you, whether you even like to peruse your training—- learning the particular system being taught and their philosophies. 3) They are meant to […]