The True Art of Interception

The origin of the word goes back between 1535–45 A.D, and comes from Latin interceptus which is the past  participle of  intercipere——meaning, to prevent, to interrupt, to seize, to halt…..

We have the fight application of the word interception, and we have the life application of it. If we refer to the word [fight] in its general abstract and philosophical term to mean struggle, then we have to accept that the term interception is a necessary element of life and it cannot be isolated or compartmentalized from anything else.

What am I getting at!? What I am trying to say is that you cannot intercept or prevent that which you are not aware of………………..Living an [interceptive life] means living the safest, healthiest, and most productive, balanced life. Educating yourself helps increase your awareness and the proper timing of that awareness, NOT the awareness all by itself, is that which would help you actually intercepting!

Therefore, you have to honestly ask yourself whether you are, [in a true sense], living a JKD (interceptive) life, IF You hang around places with potential reckless violence, or are you potentially exposing yourself to in fact GET [intercepted] by others, as in getting shot by a nobody——-getting intercepted by law enforcement and ending up in courts and wasting a lot of precious time——ending up with STD’s, losing a loved one, and thousands of other negatively life-changing events.

The true spirit of JKD and our art in general is [laser-focused awareness and complete prevention of bad stuff], NOT entangling ourselves with unnecessary things of life! That’s just pure carelessness, not courage associated with interception!